Therapeutic Exercise – After your evaluation, your therapist may design a personalized exercise program specifically to treat your diagnosis.  Exercise may be used to increase mobility, strength, balance, or other functional activities.

Modalities – Many different modalities may be used during physical therapy treatment. Hot/Cold packs may be used for swelling or relaxation. E-Stim or TENS may be used for pain management

Dry Needling – Dry needling is a technique used to treat myofascial pain.  It can be helpful by releasing a trigger point that is causing pain.  For more information, visit dry needling on our services page.

Manual Therapy – “Hands-On” Physical Therapy is used to relieve pain, increase motion, and for relaxation.

Orthotics – Our Certified Hand Therapist is an expert in custom orthotic fabrication. Orthotics can be beneficial for many types of pain and many different diagnoses.

McKenzie Treatment – A type of physical therapy treatment that centralizes pain, and teaches the patient self healing techniques to abolish the pain.

Aquatic Therapy (Pool therapy) – Rehabilitation that is performed in a heated, aquatic environment. The therapeutic temperature and buoyancy of water can help patients with a variety of painful conditions or limitations in function. Light aerobic activities, stretching and strengthening exercises can all be performed in the aquatic environment.

Fall Prevention – According to the CDC, one out of three older adults fall each year but only half will report the fall to their physician.  If you or a family member is concerned about falling, you should join our fall prevention program to lower these risks.

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